Kiss My Apron: On the Menu

The weeks are flying by with this new child of mine! She is 10 weeks old and sleeping 7 hours at night. I am back to work part time which leaves me time to really plan dinners and cook for hubby again. Plus with no more nausea and sickness from pregnancy, I have been eating like crazy! Kevin is babysitting Kora for the first time by himself today because I had a meeting and our babysitter was sick..Wishing him lots of luck today!

The upcoming menu helps us plan out what we need to buy for the week, and allows us to focus on meals that use the same ingredients so they don't go to waste. This has been a true time and money saver. What day would you choose to eat over?

Friday: Date night! We are having our first dinner date tonight while grandma nanny babysits.
Saturday: Braised boneless short ribs with mushroom truffle risotto (Recipe from Uncle/Chef John)
Sunday: Happy Easter! I am making Brown Eyed Baker's Sweet Potato Gratin and my husband is making his famous Guacamole.
Monday: Hoisin Chicken Stir fry over white rice
Tuesday: Spicy Beef Tacos with tostones
Wednesday: One Pan Chicken, Zucchini, Potatoes by the Recipe Critic (this one has to be cook at a higher temperature than said, otherwise it doesn't cook thru! other than that, it is an awesome dish)
Thusrday: Crock pot Root beer pulled pork with bacon mac and cheese
Friday: Cheese Raviolis with a Spring Garden salad & Fried Goat cheese

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