Review: Cheesecake Factory's - Miso Salmon

I have to admit, ordering this dish EVERY SINGLE TIME I visit the Cheesecake factory makes me feel a bit guilty. Their menu is (too) big and out of all the options, this one makes me fall to my knees with weakness. I got my co-worker, Annmarie, hooked and my boyfriend enjoyed it although he is far from a fish person!

The taste of the salmon is explosive - a smooth, sweet miso glaze with a bit of honey flavor. The serving over Jasmine rice allows you to focus more on the fish ..and the sauce - oh the sauce! My favorite part....
From what I can tell online from "copycat" recipes, the sauce is made up of butter, ginger paste, garlic paste, sake, and heavy cream with a bit of lime juice. They decorate the plate with flat snow peas around the edges - these I can usually do without since they have some "crunch" compared to the rest of the meal. Garden peas would be a better combination in my opinion.

I really do look forward to trying to replicate this recipe and I highly recommend it for the next time you decide to head to your local Cheesecake Factory.

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