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- about me -

My name is Kimberly and I live on the east end of Long Island, NY. Yes, I pronounce it is as "Lawn Guyland" and I also say words like, "tawk, chawklet, cawfee." I am married to my very handsome husband, Kevin.  During Chinese take out, he proposed to me via a fortune cookie!  After getting married, we bought a house... and of course have shared many culinary adventures together.
In February 2017, we expected our first child, a daughter. Kora Rose was born the very early morning after the Super Bowl game. More recently, on New Years day 2018, I got another positive pregnancy test (which happened to be our wedding anniversary)! Our son, Everett Joseph, was born 6 weeks early. He spent some time in the NICU but was home after 8 long days. Both children have been our biggest blessing, in addition to our two french bulldogs, Truffle and Tyson.

who could say "no" to a foodie proposal?!

I started baking cupcakes in my early twenties then took a turn towards cooking. I learned so much from my mother, who had dinner on the table every night for my father. From there, I bought many cook books, watched tons of cooking shows, and studied a lot of techniques online. My husband, too, has helped me learn some grilling techniques, and I must say, he has become quite the sous chef! I have never attended culinary school, but would like to some day. Better late than never!

Although we may be very photogenic (ha!), we are not great photographers - at all. I have a Nikon DS3200 and not very good sunlight in my kitchen for pictures. We try our best and hope to learn some things in the near future! We apologize for our not so beautiful pictures of food!

Kevin and I at a cooking class. Check it out here.

Some really crazy facts about us (and some simple ones):
  • I tried my first egg at age 21. It was a scrambled egg, and I never had any other kind.
  • I've never had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
  • We both strongly dislike tomatoes - but love ketchup very much.
  • Kevin had open heart surgery on Valentine's Day at age 7 and has the really big scar to prove it! Every Valentine's day I cook him a special meal to celebrate his life.
  • My obsessions: my daughter, risotto, call of duty on Xbox, red doors.
  • His obsessions: clash of clans, college basketball, did I already say clash of clans? Yea, welcome to my life..
  • Kevin grew up in FL, moved to NY, moved back to FL, moved to Virginia, then back to FL and lastly, ended up in NY. 
  • I am half Puerto Rican / half Irish - I love making rice and beans, and I also love me some drinks! In some cases, stereotypes just work out to be true! ;)
  • This is a bold statement, but I am going with it.. No one makes better guacamole than my husband!
  • My husband works in IT (computers) for a living, in a hospital.
  • I work for my father's company as an accounting manager.
  • One thing I'd change about my husband: I'd want him to love salmon as much as I do so that we could eat it more often.
  • One thing he'd change about me: Sorry guys, I am too afraid to ask him this one.

We both really appreciate you taking the time to check out our blog, and hope you have fun following along in our love for food and cooking. Thank you, and let's go eat!

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