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- about me -

My name is Kimberly and I live on the east end of Long Island, NY. We are surrounded by farms and vineyards which is heaven on earth! I am married to my very handsome husband, Kevin.  During Chinese take out, he proposed to me via a fortune cookie!  After getting married, we bought a house... and of course have shared many culinary adventures together.
In February 2017, we expected our first child, a daughter. Kora Rose was born the very early morning after the Super Bowl game. More recently, on New Years day 2018, I got another positive pregnancy test (which happened to be our wedding anniversary)! Our son, Everett Joseph, was born 6 weeks early. He spent some time in the NICU but was home after 8 long days. Both children have been our biggest blessing, in addition to our two french bulldogs, Truffle and Tyson.

who could say "no" to a foodie proposal?!

I started baking cupcakes in my early twenties then took a turn towards cooking. I learned so much from my mother, who had dinner on the table every night for my father. From there, I purchased many cook books, watched tons of cooking shows, attended cooking classes and studied a lot of techniques online. My husband, too, has helped me learn some grilling techniques, and I must say, he has become quite the sous chef! I have never attended culinary school, but would like to some day.

Although we may be very photogenic (ha!), we are not great photographers - at all. I use an iphone 11 and do not have very good natural sunlight in our home. I try my best and hope to learn some photography tips in the near future! 

Kevin and I at a cooking class. Check it out here.

My favorite thing to cook (and eat) is risotto. We have learned that using homemade stock opposed to boxed, makes a world of difference. We make several different kinds and usually serve it with seafood. Every weekend I plan meals for the upcoming week and get my groceries delivered Sunday evenings. On Wednesday, we will run out again to stock up on the rest of the protein needed so that it is fresh. Since having kids, this has worked out really well for our family - and it is a blessing to never hear my husband ask, "what's for dinner?"

We both really appreciate you taking the time to check out our blog, and hope you have fun following along in our love for food and cooking. Thank you, and let's go eat!


  1. Kim I am so impressed, this is great! Added it to my iPad!

  2. Having met you I can hear your voice in your words. You have a beautiful life that I will enjoy following along with…..