Meatball Party

As most husbands do, Kevin told me 1-2 days before his big work Christmas party that I needed to make something. Don't get me wrong, I love making food for his parties... but I love taking the time to perfect what I am going to make, instead of whipping something up last minute. I am definitely a planner!

I wanted to stray from the staple dishes I usually make: penne alla vodka, homemade mac and cheese, feta walnut salad, buffalo chicken dip, etc. A couple of Christmas' back, my mother in law bought us the coolest 3 pot crockpot in red (oh she knows me so well)! I absolutely lushed over this crockpot, and knew I wanted to use it for Kevin's party as it will keep the food warm. But what could I make in the 3 different pots?


One thing is for sure, my hoisin sesame meatballs were a must. We love the hoisin teriyaki flavor with the meatballs, as we love most things with Asian flavors. Next, I think mozzarella stuffed meatballs is always something a bit unique and goes really well with a good, hearty marinara sauce. The last meatball, my husband asked to pick out. He makes a darn good swedish meatball, but he forgot to buy the Heinz chili sauce to mix with the grape jelly! Since it was pretty late, we decided to find something we already had. Thai chili sauce... it's so delicious with shrimp, and we decided to test out a meatball in the same sauce. Kevin mixes the store bought thai chili sauce with sriracha to give it a little more kick. We loved it!

I love the idea of meatball parties, for adults and kids alike. Using the same base meat mixture makes it really simple to make a lot of meatballs in batches, and just add different sauces to them after. The possibility of flavors is endless, and next time we look forward to trying BBQ sauce meatballs with pineapple chunks mixed in, Sweet and sour meatballs, cheeseburger meatballs and a lot more! Pinterest always has a great array of ideas to check out.

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