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Welcome to the first Thursday Trial of my cookbook collection. The amount of cookbooks I have is overwhelming, to the point I haven't even touched some of them. When I got pregnant with my daughter, Kora, I told myself that in all that free time during maternity leave, I would be reading my cookbooks for some inspiration of new recipes. But who was I kidding? Free time on maternity leave? Nope! The days blew by so quickly, I barely had time to shower...

So I find myself here, still with a goal of getting through some of these books. I have recently switched from full time to part time at my job, which leaves me with Thursday's off. Having this one day off a week, leaves me with time to run to the store with baby Kora, grab some items that I need, and have a few hours to whip up something so delicious for my darling husband. The same husband who won't change a poop diaper unless he really has to, and still leaves his electric toothbrush on the counter which leaves a frosty ring for me to clean every single day. But we love Kevin, he is such a great dad, and such a great friend and husband to me. I can only thank him so much, and what a great way to do it by sharing my love for cooking, and allowing him to be my official taste tester.

At the end of the posts, we will rate the meal by how tasty it was, how nice (or not nice) it looks, and if we would ever make it again. I will include the author, book title, page number, name of the meal, and any other important info that they share with us. Remember, these are not my recipes, we are just sharing out trials of them with you from these wonderful books!

Penne Alla Vecchia Bettola

What better way to start off this new Kiss My Apron series, then with my favorite home chef:

Ina Garten
Barefoot Contessa
Page 158-159
Penne Alla Vecchia Bettola

Interested in the book? Buy it here:

Ina mentions how this recipe is from Nick & Toni's restaurant in East Hampton, which I have been to! I love the fact that many local places Ina discusses, are well known to me. Long Island is a pretty small place to live, and we are blessed to have so many farms with fresh produce. I still hope to run into Mrs. Garten one day!

Review: The sauce was a perfect texture, and the flavor was spot on! We all loved it, and would certainly make it again. Next time, I would love to add pancetta, shrimp, chicken or peas! And where was the bread, you may be thinking... I forgot it at the store! Dang..

Thanks Ina, for a wonderful recipe!

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