The bun is done!

I have been MIA for a bit on here, but have been keeping up with my facebook page in case you don't follow me on there. For the last month, I am now a mom of two which has been quite a change! I had another rough pregnancy with morning sickness, being unable to eat much, and complications of sorts. I went into labor unexpectedly, and delivered my little bun in the oven six weeks early. I had to deliver at a special hospital that had a NICU, where my son was expected to stay for two weeks. Because the NICU was so overcrowded, we were sent home after 8 days. It was the hardest 8 days of my life, as no parent should have to leave their brand new baby. We made it through though and baby Everett, born August 2nd at 5 lbs 9 oz, has been thriving and doing great. I miss my sleep, but I know this time will be missed one day.
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As soon as Everett was born, and came home with us, I went back into the kitchen at full force. With two littles around, and one that eats a ton, I had to start meal planning for the week. We have a grocery store nearby that delivers, and that has been a true life saver! So each night I arrive home from work, get started on our planned meal, and we enjoy dinner as a family. My daughter, Kora, will eat whatever we eat and has yet to come across something she doesn't like! Anything from fish, to beef, to veggies - she does it all!

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I look forward to continuing my blogging journey with you all, and hope to inspire new ideas and recipes along the way.

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