Truffle, the Frenchie!

Good morning world! Time has been slipping away from me a bit, as we added a new little family member to our circle. Meet Truffle, our French bulldog puppy! But of course I had to do a foodie name!

Since marriage (this past new years eve), my husband and I have gone through a bit and needed a little pick me upper. Kevin has always wanted a dog since I met him, but being that I have SIX parrots, I never knew if it would be a good idea. I personally have never had a dog (my family are just not dog people), so it was hard for me to really know what to expect.
Kev has always been fascinated with French bulldogs, so I started doing some research. We checked local rescues & shelters, and we called many breeders around the country. In an amazing way, this little girl found her way to us through a friend. We were so happy to take her!

At 12 weeks old, it has been tough and very overwhelming. My husband works two jobs (sometimes very late) so a lot of it lands on who else? Me, of course! Potty training, vet appointments, doggie daycare, cleaning - where does the list end?! To be honest though, I wouldn't have it any other way. I have really grown to love this little baby and so happy of the attachment she has with me. I will always be her mama, and she will always be my little girl!

With mommy and daddy being huge Giants fans, you knew we had to get her this jersey!

That face, how could you not instantly fall in love?!


Since I have been slacking on the home cooking and recipe development, it was soo nice to come home yesterday to my husband cooking for us. As many know, he does not eat salmon (I know, what is wrong with him?), so the marinated chicken with the fabulous grill marks was for him. The salmon is topped with my favorite, basil pesto butter & dill, and both meals were served with Kevin's really tasty veggie stir-fry (mushrooms, zucchini, peppers, broccoli, and onion)! I even gave some salmon to Truffle, who scoffed it down REAL fast! 

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