Blind Wine Tasting Party 2015

Yay! I have been wanting to do a party like this for so long. Blind wine tasting has become quite the fuss on the internet. There are so many brilliant ideas out there! Although I am not a big wine drinker (pass me some vodka anytime), I knew exactly how I wanted to do this tasting party. Hopefully these pics make you feel like you were there too!

Here is how it worked:
Each guest brought one bottle of wine of their choice (red, white,  rose.. whatever they wanted) and put it into a labeled white bag before they walked inside our house. We started with whites, and each bottle was tasted one at a time. Using a scorecard that we recreated on Excel (see below), we judged the wine on aroma, taste, body, finish, and appearance.  The bottle that accumulated the most points was given 1st prize. Other prizes included Guess how many Corks, the Wine Loser, and coolest looking bottle. Cheeses, breads, oils, meats, nuts, fruits were all served with the wine. Later on ice cream sundaes were served with fresh homemade brownies. A great night with the friends that mean the most to us! Share your ideas below! We look forward to having another one soon! 

White bags were purchased at Michaels, along with the labels and decorative grapes. We used letters, but you can also use numbers.

 Guess how many corks game was very fun! We had guesses between 50 and 200! I mixed some smaller sized corks in there to make it tricky. In this particular holder (I bought the metal wine holder at Home Goods), we fit 80 corks in! My friend Arielle guessed 76 so she won this prize!

Prizes included: 1st - four stemless wine glasses with creative sayings on them (Tj Maxx) and cupcake wine charms (pier 1), 2nd - An aerator for red wine, 3rd - cork wine coasters (Home goods find), and lastly prize 4 was cute stem wine charms (TJ Maxx). Below is a picture of the prizes.

 We used dry erase food signs to label each cheese. These were bought from various stores including Pier 1 and Target. They are pretty much found everywhere now a days!

This wine was our 1st prize winner! It was so delicious, brought by our friend Stephenie. It was judged by using the rating system and scorecards below.

and then there was dessert...! 

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