DIY Project: Globe String Lights

Hi y'all! Check out the latest blog post .. a great idea for perfect outdoor lighting. We can officially say that we have a backyard for entertaining! Our new house (we've been there for 5 weeks now) has really come a long way! Below are a few instructions on how we put together this little project of ours.

What we needed:

  • Two 8' cedar poles
  • 4 long screws (used a drill)
  • 5 screw-in hooks 
  • Three sets of 20' globe string lights (Bed bath & Beyond)
  • A saw
  • Measuring tape
What we did:
  1. We measured the height and distance of where we wanted the poles to go. We chose to have the poles 5 ft above the railing.
  2. Attached one screw hook into the top of each cedar pole. We also attached three more screw hooks into the siding of the house.
  3. Trimmed 1 inch piece of wood off of each pole. This 1 inch piece was shoved between the pole and the lower part of deck. Since the top of the railing sticks out further than the bottom, we needed to shove a piece in between to make sure the pole was standing straight (not angled). You will have to measure the length needed. *I will add a picture to show you exactly what I mean.*
  4. Screwed poles into deck railing (two screws in each pole).
  5. Hung lights through all 5 hooks. Hang them loose, or tight depending on the available height (remember people need to walk around)!

And what better way to celebrate? Double cheese burgers with crispy cajun french fries!
Yes, I totally think my husband is weird too - who else puts mayo on their burgers?! hehe :)

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