The New House

You never realize how much work something is, until you are halfway into it! We have lived in our new home for 11 days now. I am so tired, so exhausted, so pooped! It is like you get one thing done, and fifteen more things pop up afterwards! But.. Kevin and I are having an extremely great time fixing up the place. We are so thankful and thrilled. What a major difference paint and mulch can make!

Last night we had our first home cooked meal on the electric stove. To my surprise, it really wasn't that bad! The oven seems to preheat faster than my gas oven did, and the stove top worked just fine. I made tacos (for Tuesday, of course!) and they came out with their same great taste! I look forward to organizing the kitchen more, and getting back into my regular cooking routine! It's been A LOT of pizza, and burgers on the BBQ.

Here are some before and after pictures -

Got to have a red door!

Hubby working hard!

We have deer, snakes, turtles, and much more! Thought it would be great to capture these two together.. after I let out a huge scream!!

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