Tonsillectomy: Recovering


On Friday, April 11th, I underwent surgery at Mather Hospital to remove my tonsils. In the past, I've had issues with tonsil stones (I'm warning you now, do not google image search this). After a couple sinus surgeries, my stones became more constant and bigger in size. My only option now was to get them removed. 

*After, in recovery room (can you believe I'm all smiles?!)

The surgery itself was pretty quick and painless. I woke up in recovery with a breathing mask on. I was able to drink water and eat some of an Italian ice. Days 1 and 2 were cake! I thought to myself, "wow, this definitely isn't bad at all." 

Yikes was I wrong! Days 3-5 have been hell. Full of pain and agony, mostly with the swelling of my tongue. The ear pain is also unbearable with each swallow. Day 3 is when I started taking the pain pills every four hours. I've kept up with that since. Luckily, I haven't gotten too sick from taking the pain meds on an empty stomach. Drinking is the most important thing so I've been getting as much water and Gatorade down as I can. 

As the days continue, I will update with more symptoms and let you all know when I actually start feeling better! Hoping tomorrow (day 6) won't be as bad as today! 

What I've learned:
*My boyfriend cannot read lips if his life depended on it. This has been sooo frustrating to me. I cannot be without my paper and pen (or text messages). 

*I love food. I always knew I loved food...but until you cannot have any, you truly realize how much you do love it. This has inspired me to cook so many new things as soon as I can.

*There are way too many food commercials on TV!! The last thing I want to see is juicy burgers oozing with cheese, and plump moist steaks on a BBQ. Do not watch tv after a tonsillectomy lol. 

I know in the end, I will look back on this pain and know it was worth it. I've been motivating myself by looking at pictures of my tonsils from the last few weeks. My life will definitely change for the better and I really look forward to that! 


  1. Hope you recover quickly! Sorry the recovery has been painful. Sending well wishes from IA.

    1. Thanks so much Jeni! All well wishes are greatly appreciated (even if they don't seem to be working!) lol