A Foodie Proposal, 4/23/14

Yes! That was my answer :) We are engaged and so, so happy! How could you say "no" to a man that uses food to pop the question? Not to mention the ring is absolutely breathtaking! The proposal story:

Yesterday was the first day since my tonsil surgery that I could actually eat solid food. When Kevin heard that I ate a real lunch, he told me he was craving Chinese food so bad (we usually have it once a week and it's been a while). My thoughts, beef and broccoli will definitely be soft enough for me to eat. So we order..

I get home from work and he literally pulls in our driveway right behind me. I walked in to find a table that was set, and a dozen white roses with pink lilies on the table too. The sad this is, nothing is out of the norm so I still wasn't expecting anything to happen! I go into my room and put my hair up, unbutton my work pants.. aka I am looking like a real slob. lol! When I unpack the Chinese food, I say "weird, they changed their fortune cookie wrappers." Still, no idea what is about to happen..

I open my cookie like we always do (right in the beginning of eating). Kevin was down on his knee as I read the words "Will you marry me?" His face bright pink, hands shaking. As he tried to put the ring on, I helped his hands stay calm. Drink were poured soon after!! I am so very thankful and blessed. This moment will be so special to me always. We are overwhelmed by the love and support shown by our family and friends. The next year ahead will be hectic, stressful and exciting with all the planning but for now... we are just living in the moment!



  1. Congratulations! What a beautiful ring:)

  2. Congrats!! Just found your blog via a pinterest pin, will for sure try out some of your recipes in the near future :)