Steak with Truffle Smashed Potatoes

Last month, Kevin and I went to a very elegant restaurant with my parents. We were served the most incredible truffle smashed potatoes. I had to go home and find a recipe that came close, and I did just that! I came across My Gourmet Connection and read through Lynne's potato recipe. It was so simple, that my hopes were not high. I followed the recipe exact, and served the potatoes with the rest of our meal. I topped with scallions because, you know, adding green to any dish makes it complete!

One bite... that is all it took. These truffle potatoes had me melting with happiness into my chair.  I was hooked... If they weren't as fattening as they are, I would truly want to make them everyday! I know in about 6-8 weeks I will be drooling for them again, and I plan to fulfill my craving! If you are a fan of truffle, please try them! Recipe here: https://www.mygourmetconnection.com/crispy-smashed-truffled-potatoes/

Ok, now that my dream potatoes are out of the way, let's talk steak. Kevin picked up a pound and a half of filet mignon, on sale at the local butcher. They were on the thicker side, so Kevin jaccard the steak with this tenderizer. It uses a lot of thin blades to tenderize the steak, and allows a marinade to soak in more quickly. Our seasoning preference for filet mignon, is salt, pepper and a bit of yoshida sauce (found at Costco or on amazon).

Kevin has really perfected his cooking technique for steak. It does help that we have an amazing weber grill, with a grate and a griddle. If you have a griddle also, here is what he does:
Heat grill on high - both the grate and griddle side.
Steaks placed on grate, high heat, and grilled for 4 minutes on the one side only. Lower heat to medium on grate side.
Flip steaks onto the griddle with butter, 2 minutes on each side (griddle only). This will lock in the juice and moisture.
Flip steaks (side down that hasn’t been on grate yet) back on to the grate, medium heat, for an additional 4 minutes.
This will give the beautiful medium rare as shown below for that size/thickness.
Is that perfection or what? Medium rare is where it is at!

On medium heat, I sauteed the asparagus in olive oil for about 6 minutes, tossing around halfway. Seasoned with salt, pepper and garlic herb powder.

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