Christmas 2019

Merry Christmas! This was our best year yet! With a 2 and 1 year old, it only continues to get more exciting each year. Little Kora finally understands the story of Santa, and woke up running down the hallway. We left cookies, milk and a carrot by the tree and, of course, saw that Santa took a big bite! She begged to leave Santa tacos, and we may just do that next year if Taco Bell is open on our way home LOL.

CHRISTMAS EVE BREAKFAST: we started with grinch pancakes. Kora loves "pan pans" and I wanted to make them a bit special. For the coloring, a drop of green food coloring, or pistachio mix will do. Bananas for the eyes, with chocolate chips for the evil smile and pupils. Raspberries and whipped cream to create a Santa hat. She thought eating the grinch was very fun!

CHRISTMAS EVE DINNER: 60-65 people gather at my grandmother's house. We all bring a staple dish, but this year I decided to change mine up a bit. Instead of this amazing sweet potato au gratin, I brought two of Sharon's pistachio cakes (one in the shape of santa), and a snowman appetizer board. I saw the snowman board in The Baker Mama's newest book, Beautiful Boards (highly recommend getting this if you like to make cheese and charcuterie boards)! It was a huge hit, with tons of happy comments at the party.
As for dinner, we had salad, eggplant rollitini, penne alla vodka, broccoli, beef meatballs & chicken meatballs, roasted potatoes, sausage and peppers, rice and beans, cauliflower au gratin, and chicken fantasy.

*Powdered sugar filled Santa's beard and hat, but I don't sprinkle that on until just before serving

CHRISTMAS DAY BREAKFAST: we usually head to my in-laws house. With our young kids being out so late the night before, I offered to host breakfast so we wouldn't be running around so early. It was nice to wake up, enjoy time with the babies, and then make an easy breakfast board for all to feast on. We had 14 people join us, and the board was a very convenient way to serve.
The Christmas morning breakfast board was originated by The Reluctant Entertainer

A large 28.5" diameter board is used (This one from Pier 1: Large round tray)

I served Greek yogurt with fresh blueberries, scrambled eggs with cheese, sausage links, two lbs of bacon, Pillsbury cinnamon buns with homemade cream cheese frosting, Christmas sprinkles, mini broccoli quiches,  more fresh berries, grapes, fresh rosemary to garnish, a bowl of candy and a reindeer prop.
We had an array of juices to choose from as well. It was fantastic and I look forward to making more boards!

Wishing all my Kiss My Apron readers a very happy holiday season, and wishing nothing but health and joy in the new 2020 year to come!

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