The Filet Mignon Martini

                                                                      (PHOTO FROM WEB)

If you want a little taste of heaven, you need to head over to Legends Restaurant in New Suffolk (North Fork) Long Island. We joined some people for a friend's birthday, and the birthday boy (John) ordered this filet mignon martini. I heard the words "bleu cheese" and it was a total turn off, not only because I am pregnant, but because I definitely do not care for bleu cheese.
The cream sauce was melted gruyere cheese and black truffle, topped the bleu cheese and olives. The filet mignon was like butter! It was cooked perfectly, and topped with the sauce was a magical combination. At a pretty steep $18 for four slices of steak, it is worth every penny in this case!

I really look forward to recreating this dish at home, with my own little twist on it.

Happy birthday John, and thanks for introducing us to something so incredible!

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