It's a.....


I'm a little over 14 weeks today. We found out the gender of our baby thru a panorama test, which tests for down syndrome and chromosomal disorders, but also allows us to find out the gender. More importantly than finding out she is a girl, was the negative/super low risk for any chromosomal issues. We are very relieved for that!

I tried cooking for the first time last night - first time in a long time! It didn't go too well. :( We BBQ'd chicken cutlets, I made homemade mac and cheese and baked up some corn on the cob. I think the baby is not too fond of chicken because I haven't been able to look at it, and it hasn't sat well!

So far my pregnancy has been a really rough one. Lots of nausea & sickness, lots of weight loss, and lots of stress! I try my best to relax.  Even so, I am very thankful for this baby girl, after all the time spent trying to have a baby. I would go thru this sickness for her over and over, but I am wishing it lets up soon. 

Our next ultrasound is in less than 2 weeks, and mommy and daddy can't wait to see her again! And by her, I mean little miss * Kora Rose * 

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