Tuesday Things

It is Tuesday, and that is better than Monday! Here are a few tid bits from the last few weeks of my very busy and hectic life:

  • I have finally become.. that crazy dog lady. My husband and I picked out a little boy to bring home at the end of May. Truffle will have a baby brother! We are soo excited, but we know that we will have even less time for the life we used to call "normal." Our new furry son, named Tyson, will be a show dog and shown by a professional handler who also happens to be my best friend. We will be traveling monthly to shows up the East coast, and hoping to earn some beautiful champion ribbons! Here is a picture of our new cutie -

  • Spring has finally arrived, after a brutally cold winter. Although not tons and tons of snow (sad face), I am happy to have some warmth back. I am looking forward to the fresh vegetables that are to come! Living by many farm stands, we are super lucky to have so much organic goodies to choose from!
  • BOWLING! It is our new favorite sport. At one point, my husband and I were bowling about 4 to 5 times a week. Now down to two times a week. On the league we joined, team name "We're on Strike," we placed 3rd for now. Trying to slowly sneak our way back into first, as we only have 5 weeks left in this league!
  • Now with Truffle in our life, we've made a ton of new friends! We go out almost every weekend to different dog parks, and dog events. The picture below is from Old Westbury Gardens, which they only open up to the dogs twice a year. What a great time it was, and so beautiful out!

  • A few weekends ago, Kevin and I visited our friends Arielle & Bryan. We were in for such a treat! My first time having homemade pasta.. and it was to die for! Fettuccine alla vodka with baked chicken cutlets, and a delicious salad made up of frizze lettuce. I looked at this salad and thought to myself, "there is no way I am going to like this," and of course I was wrong. I mean, it had bacon on it... how would anyone dislike that? Frizze lettuce, although on the more expensive side, is something I would definitely have again! Apologies for my not so great cell phone pictures.

  • This bad ass truck... is mine! I just leased a 2016 Nissan Frontier, Pro4-X. She is mint.. black on black with leather heated seats, huge tires, back up camera and navigation. My new favorite part of the day is driving to and from work! I am finally the pick up truck girl I always wanted to be.

Hope to be back at my stove, experimenting with new ingredients (shishito peppers) very soon! 

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