Kiss My Apron: Wedding Update

Some happy/sad news. My fiance, Kevin, and I had a large wedding planned for May 2015. We decided that focusing on a house was a lot more important than 6 hours of one day. Our wedding has officially been canceled, and re-planned for New Year's Eve! The last month has been ups and downs of planning and making decisions about our big day! I can finally say that the stress has been relieved, and we are all set for it. I look forward to updating you all with pictures from our intimate ceremony with our immediate families. After the wedding, we will be back to eating normal, and experimenting with new creations! Dieting has been dreadful, but I wake up each morning and remember that I have to wear a WHITE dress - eeeek! lol We appreciate the support my family and friends have given us! 65 more days!

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