Giant Cupcake Pan Review

I always LOVED this giant cupcake pan by Wilton (found here).. I gave it a try for the first time yesterday and was so pleased with how it came out! Once the pan is greased, each side is filled up half way with cake batter (because the cake will rise when baking, you do not want to overfill this pan).
I preheated my oven to 325 degrees and baked the cake for a good 34-35 minutes, per box instructions.

After cooling, the cake easily was removed by flipping over the pan and then placing the cake back over on the correct side. The tops of each cake will be trimmed with a knife if necessary, so that there will be no issues with lining up the "cupcake."

Peanut butter cream cheese frosting was used for this particular cake. You can see that recipe here.
For decorations, I used two different wilton tips: for the bottom of the cupcake, wilton tip#32 was used. For the roses decorated on the top of the cupcake, wilton tip# 2C was used. The flowers look beautiful and are really simple to make.

Using a piping bag with your wilton tip#2C, you start each rose from the middle and work your way outward in a spiral motion. As soon as most spaces of the cake were filled with flowers, I used just a squeeze (with the same tip) to fill any spaces left. I finished the decorations off with some blue pearl sprinkles and red sprinkles (for the 4th of July holiday).

I cannot wait to experiment with different decoration ideas. I will be making another one soon!

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  1. Pinned the giant cupcake to my Pinterest board. Great pic.