Goodbye October - Hello November

October... Autumn, my fave. Colorful leaves, crisp air, warm soups. It is a roller coaster of good and bad.
Good: Get to throw on those sexy fall boots. Less humidity which is terrific for my hair. Lots more crock pot recipes to come.
Bad: Parents have to take the boat out of the water - I will miss those after dinner cruises and the fishing! Not so much fun to BBQ, especially because it gets dark so early now! (Change those clocks back this weekend!) Lastly, this pale milky skin that is left after my golden tan has faded isn't my best look..

I will miss my Halloween decorations!! I will not miss the candy I was stuck with since I did not get ONE trick or treater this year!! We named the spider Charlotte. Hopefully we can find a Turkey just as cute!

See kids, you missed out!!

November has big things ahead. Kevin, my best friend (and boyfriend), is moving into my house TODAY. This is the make or break us test lol. Thanksgiving will be here before we know it - wait until you see the table we have on Thanksgiving. My mom is 1 of 11 siblings .. they all make a dish on Turkey day and the spread is unbelievable. I will be bringing along my staple holiday dish - Sweet potato au gratin.
Next, Christmas songs will be everywhere we turn - and that I cannot wait for!

Some new kitchen decor: 

And finally got some ramekins! 

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