Cast Iron Skillet - Finally!

Thanks to my thoughtful boyfriend, Kevin, I am now the proud owner of my first cast iron pan! Although he flirted with the check out girl to get the lowest price he could (the price sticker was missing and it was the last one left), I am still thrilled! It was a good thing I was not with him! Lol.

I've read in detail, the cooking process and care process to owning cast iron pans for a while now. Many dips including my fave - queso dip, mac and cheese (w/ lobster!), and pizzas are some of the future items that will be used in my new skillet! I've learned that it is good to cook foods high in fat (ground beef, etc) in the first few uses of your pan. Taco Thursday anyone?! ;)

You will be seeing some new posts soon using my new gift!

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  1. I got my first cast iron skillet last year. Its been my favorite skillet ever since. So versatile. Enjoy!