Food Allergies

(picture of Pomegranates from Wikipedia)

My first question when having people over for dinner (that I don't know well) is "Do you guys have any food allergies?" Maybe somewhat an odd question to some, but an important one to be asked in my opinion.

I, myself have a bad allergy to many trees which caused my major sinus issues. I have since had surgery in March 2013 and have been better off with my breathing. Because of my tree allergies though, I am also allergic to some fruits that grow on these types of trees including apples, peaches, plums, cherries and....... Pomegranates!

Yesterday, I found out about the pomegranates. I was at a Yankee game in the Bronx, NY. I normally drink Vodka and cranberry juice - but there was a special going on with lemonade, pomegranate liqueur, kettle one and cranberry juice - Sounds amazing right?! It was! lol  When I arrived home though, I noticed these red itchy blotches all over my face and that is when I said "Shit..."
Ran to my cabinet and grabbed the last Benadryl. 12 hours later of sleep (haha that stuff knocks me right out!) I am perfectly fine. Another fruit to add to my NO list.

The Yankees lost, but we had a really great time - and great seats!

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