Vertical Herb Garden

After searching vertical herb planters on Pinterest, I found three different ideas that I really loved. I decided to put all of these ideas together and have my husband build a custom herb garden for us. We had the perfect spot at the end of our porch, which we are in the middle of redoing. The cool part is that the planter stand serves as a privacy screen as well!


To start, we bought a few pieces of pressure treated wood from the home depot and my husband put together the stand. Using a red stain, we did two coats on the entire front and back of the stand. Adding one piece of white vinyl lattice on the back added really nice contrast.

For the herbs: The ring wall hooks are from Crate and barrel and can be found here. I got them on sale for Memorial Day - score! The self watering pots are linked below from Amazon. I was really skeptical about these pots, but they work amazing! They're sturdy and the water indicator works great.

I love succulents and thought they would make perfect low maintenance plants for the bottom.

Next, there are a lot of herb kits online but I headed over to my local farm and grabbed trays of herbs for $4 each! They are really filling in and growing beautifully. I have yet to find dill and chives so I may order seeds online.

Lastly, we all love Rae Dunn right? I found these Rae Dunn inspired decals on Etsy here. They were affordable, shipped quickly, and easy to put on! 

What is the first herb you would use? What is your favorite recipe with fresh herbs? Let me know below!
I personally love making homemade herb butter and cannot wait to make some over salmon!

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