Picnic Theme Birthday Party

How in the world is my son 1 year old already? My once 34 week preemie, is now so big and beautiful! Everett has been such a joy this past year, crying less than I can count on my hands. He also sleeps 10-12 hours straight since he was just six weeks old. When it came time to celebrate his first birthday, I wanted to do something fun and easy. It was the summertime, unlike my daughter who is born in the snowy month of February. I figured the easiest thing would be a BBQ so I started researching and came across the picnic theme. On etsy I found a red gingham tie with ants crawling on it and that was it for me! I ordered plastic ants to walk along our table settings, plastic ants to walk along the cake we ordered, and red gingham everything! A local baker and artist made the incredible cookies (she always amazes me), and friend Lisa made the most delicious white chocolate mousse cheesecake. Not one piece left!!

Food: BBQ staples - burgers, hot dogs, potato salad, mac and cheese, salad, corn on the cob, corn bread, rice & beans and bagged ridge potato chips. Appetizers included sliced seedless cucumbers topped with goat cheese and raspberry champagne jam, tator tot skewers (kids went CRAZY for these), shrimp cocktail, guacamole, jalapeno dip and chips with salsa. We had about 35 people.

Below are some ideas from the party that I will pin over on pinterest.

yes, these are cookies! Made by Liv Creativity

Absolutely love the way this cake came out. Lisa adding the lights added such a special touch!

Outfit and tie from Etsy shop CuddleSleepDream

I like to display the food options by the plates and utensils so people can prepare themselves!

Custom felt boards are the best way to announce and celebrate occasions!

Big sister Kora's dress was from Etsy as well - shop EllaBellaBoutique49

The skewer holder was from Amazon and I will be using it again and again for appetizers! So easy to grab and go.

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