Cookbook Collection | Thursday Trials - Chimichurri Shrimp

Happy Thursday! Time to dig out a book from the cookbook collection and make a new recipe. This week I chose a Ree Drummond recipe.  I will admit, she is not my favorite person to watch on Food Network... but her books are so amazing! Every book is set up so perfectly, with step by step pictures that really show you what to do. Her recipes give you confidence, and I love them! Although this specific recipe was from her holiday book (cinco de mayo), we served the chimichurri shrimp with Zatarains yellow rice and tostones.

The Pioneer Woman / Ree Drummond
Page 146
Chimichurri Shrimp

Interested in the book? Buy it here:

The chimichurri sauce was so fresh and the lime really came through which was a perfect match for the shrimp. The tangy citrus was complimented with ground cumin, giving it perfect balance. Since shrimp can overcook quickly, I always be sure to only cook them for a few minutes. I think it is also important to really wash your herbs and remove the stems, to guarantee a clean, smooth chimichurri sauce.

My husband and I agree, and we'd love to make this sauce again,  especially to top on a piece of steak!

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