Super Bowl Sunday 2017

37 weeks pregnant, my last "bump" photo!

Even though the New York Giants weren't in the super bowl this year, I was still excited for the game! I called some family and asked if we could get together for Sunday's super bowl, and we each could make a new recipe to try. They agreed to the good idea!

Since my baby's due date was today (2/23), I knew I had some time to enjoy myself the next couple of weeks. I decided to bring a Pillsbury recipe, pull apart bread with spinach and mozzarella (recipe here) - it's so good and I highly recommend you try it! My husband made two homemade salsas, one spicy and one salsa verde. We got to my aunt's house and started to indulge in the delicious apps. We planned to eat dinner right before the 6:20pm game start (Falcons vs. Patriots).

My big ole' belly was tightening with no pain (they call that Braxton Hicks), and my baby's hiney was sticking out high up on my stomach. I asked my grandma to feel it, and she did with light pressure. When she pressed my belly, I felt a weird pain causing me to stand up and head to the bathroom. On my way there after just a few steps, the flood gates opened - my water broke! My jeans were soaked down to my ankles, and it was not stopping! I was in absolute disbelief. At almost 3 weeks early, how could my water break already?! I've had zero changes, zero contractions. I had just been to the doctors office three days before, where they said my cervix was closed and it would still be a couple more weeks! WHAT?! My husband thought this was a joke, and my dad stared at me with a white, pale face. My eyes were bulging while I hold my legs together as tight as I could.

I panicked a bit, as we were about an hour and half away from the hospital. As a first time mom, I had no idea what was to come. I called the on call doctor, and the hospital to let them know we were going to be there in about 90 minutes. I knew I had to stop home first to get our bags. We quickly left my aunt's house, and Kevin drove about 85 mph on the expressway until we made it home. I got out of the car, and again, the flood gates opened! Where was all this water coming from?! lol We quickly grabbed our bags (thank goodness we packed them the week before), and grabbed our camera too. On the way to the hospital the on call doctor rang, and asked if I was having contractions. He mentioned maybe waiting at home until contractions were painful and close together, but I told him I was already on my way to the hospital (which was now 45 minutes away). He okayed me.

We arrived to the Emergency room where they had a wheel chair waiting for me. I got checked in to labor and delivery and I still couldn't believe I was about to meet this baby. Within 30 minutes, the contractions started and quickly progressed. Oh, the pain! I planned to go natural (no epidural). After 3 hours, I reached 4 cm dilation and the pain was pretty unbearable.  With each contraction, the baby's heartbeat dropped drastically and my body shook uncontrollably. We all decided an epidural would be best for the situation, and I agreed. We had to wait for the anethesiaologist and doctor to arrive (which conveniently was after the game ended)!!! I got my epidural and the pain disappeared as fast as I could blink. I thanked God at that point!!

Just hours later, I was fully dilated to 10 cm and the epidural had worn off. I could feel everything, and the doc came in and said it was time to push! 24 minutes of pushing, my beautiful girl was placed on my chest. My husband next to me, my mom with a front view next to my doctor, and the wonderful, helpful nurses on my other side. It was the most perfect experience of my life, I was feeling so extremely blessed.

Kora Rose, born at 4:14am on 2/6/17 weighing in at 6 lbs 8 oz and 19.5 inches long.

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