Kiss My Apron: Bumpdate

I am 26 weeks pregnant this week! One week away from the third trimester which is so exciting! We will be meeting baby Kora in about 99 days! My cooking has still been slacking due to a great deal of morning sickness everyday. My doctors even give me the whole, "you're still sick?!" thing. Anti-nausea medication has helped a bit for the day time, but my morning sickness is literal - the morning!

I was in my first wedding ever this past weekend and that was not easy! I woke up very early (and very sick) but was able to make it to the hotel by 7am to get my hair and make up done! It was a very long day, so by the end of the night (close to 11pm) both of my calves were throbbing with charlie horses. But hey, I did it, and had a great time being in my best friend's wedding! The food was outstanding, as I enjoyed my filet mignon to the fullest!

My husband and I finished the nursery and we are just waiting for the last pieces of furniture to be delivered this weekend. To have baby girl's room done is such a relief, as I didn't want to be doing a lot when my belly is too big to move! We painted, put up one wall of wallpaper (never want to do that again lol), set up the crib and hung a few things. I also built baby girl's closet all by myself, and hung the many clothes I can't stop buying!

Last week I tried a new recipe, passed down from my grandma to my mom, and it was such a good dish! I love being half Puerto Rican and being able to celebrate my past family through food. I made arroz con pollo at my hubs request for his birthday, but I did cheat a little bit (hopefully my deceased grandma wasn't too upset with me)! Instead of using raw chicken, I bought an already cooked rotisserie chicken. It was perfect! The meat was so moist and tender because it didn't have to cook for long. I started out with homemade sofrito (there is a bunch of recipes online for this, but I can't give away my secret family recipe - sorry ;) ), a small can of tomato sauce, corn oil, salt & pepper, a packet of sazon by goya and about a cup of water. Once the Spanish mixture was melted, I shredded up the rotisserie chicken and boiled it for about 5 minutes, then removed the chicken. I added more water to the pot, and brought to a heavy boil. Once boiling, this is when we cook the white rice. The water will evaporate, and then the rice covered with foil, the heat lowered and the pot covered to finish cooking for about 40 minutes. By the end, I added the chicken back in. On the side, I had a small pot of pigeon peas cooking - my husband's new favorite! And how can you not add green olives? I can't wait to make this again!

I'm also very excited about my new long plates, which we served filet mignon topped with a cipollini onion, brussels sprouts and tortellini on! Thank you target :)

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