Tuesday Things

Hope everyone enjoyed Memorial Day! We had a nice weekend while remembering what the holiday is truly about. The weather was also gorgeous here in NY! Here are some things to share with you all:

  • Welcome home, Tyson! We picked up our baby boy on Saturday and had a long 5 hour drive home with him. He did really great! When Tyson met our current puppy, Truffle, it was like they've known each other forever. A few sniffs, and then they started playing tag and tug of war with toys. Typical fur-siblings!
  • The below words should be thought about by all. I hate going out to dinner with my husband and seeing families on their cell phones. We sit at the bar sometimes and will see another couple barely say more than two sentences to each other. It's become such a sad thing!
  • This weekend will be the 3 year anniversary of when I decided to start dating my best friend, Kevin. Now married for 1 and a half years, it was the best decision I ever made! I wonder if he will take me out to dinner? (Will he read this? lol)
  • Our bowling league ended last week and we finished in 3rd place (We're on Strike). We missed second place by ONE pin! It was a sad drive home because of that, but we are still proud to be up towards the top out of 17 teams! Next week we will get our money prizes. Thanks to all of the other teams for making our first league experience such a good one!
  • This has been our "go to" meal the last couple of weeks. A simple Asian rub on the chicken, grilled on the BBQ. Zatarains boxed yellow rice (so good), but sometimes we mix it up and have brown rice instead. And sauteed veggies- zucchini, broccoli and white onion. It is quick and easy to make during the week, especially with two puppies running around your feet.

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