Pets with Food Names

I am the definition of a crazy bird lady. I am owned by six parrots, two of which I recently adopted. I was clueless as to what I should name these two new babies, so I grabbed a cook book from the kitchen and started scrolling through. I wanted to choose foods or ingredients that matched their colors. The yellow parrot is called a Sun conure, whom I named Saffron. He is told to be a male and around 6 years old. The green one is called a Nansun conure - whom many have not heard of before. It is a baby of a Nanday and a Sun. It is rare when two different types of conures breed, and it is also frowned upon as this would not happen in the wild. Since this hybrid was already created, her beauty was really special to me. I named her Olive.
Both have super personalities. They love scrambled eggs, chicken, fruit, and vegetables. Anything healthy for us humans, is usually healthy for them too. There is a list of foods they cannot eat including onions, avocados, chocolate, alcohol and more. It is so important to do a lot of research before owning one of these beautiful creatures!
After the doctor appointment, both got a clean bill of health. I look forward to having them join my flock and I am hoping all my other babies love them as much as I do!

If you have a pet with a food name, share it down below in the comments!

Here are some pics of Saffron and Olive with their new mom and dad:

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