Filet Mignon over Asparagus

This is the proper way to start off the weekend! My fiancé and I have been so busy with wedding plans, starting a small business, and house hunting. Barely any time to cook, or at least blog about it! 
While at work last night, I asked Kevin to stop at our favorite butcher - Cow Palace - and pick up a couple filet mignons. He also stopped at a local farm stand to pick up a fresh bundle of asparagus. I've had asparagus once in my life... the "it makes your pee stink" line was never too appetizing to me - but darn are they good!
I seasoned the filet's with salt, pepper and a brush of olive oil. We BBQ'd them for six minutes in each side for medium rare (and you can see the incredible grill marks Kevin makes)! Let them sit a minute or too before cutting. 
For the asparagus, after trimming the thick bottoms off, I pan roasted them in a large sauté pan with unsalted butter and olive oil - about 8-9 minutes. Seasoned with salt and pepper after. 
The béarnaise sauce is quick and easy if you cheat and use the "just add milk and butter" packets. These work great for weeknights or for when you are in a rush. I use the knorrs brand when it isn't homemade. This meal took about 15 minutes to make and it looked so elegant, not to mention that it tasted wonderful!

Check back soon to see what big plans we have in the works! Hoping that our new secret business will open up to big and better things, doing what I actually love!

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