Plantain Smasher aka Tostonera

Thanks to my beautiful cousin, Megan - I now own the coolest thing ever!! While in Puerto Rico, Megan purchased me a tostonera that I have been searching for since the last time I visited the Island.

When plantains are fried, they are round & flat - crunchy like a thick potato chip - add some seasoning and it's the perfect combination!  When we make these tostones aka plantains, we use this special wooden smasher that flattens the sliced bananas (this is what a tostonera is).

During my visit to Puerto Rico, I got a fried banana/tostones in the shape of a small bowl and it was filled with a stuffing of crab meat & other things - it was soooo tasty!! So I asked Megan to keep her eyes open for one that will allow us to create this bowl shaped plantain.

Here it is!

And here is an example from the internet of a stuffed plantain (below) Looks delicious! I look forward to making some creations of my own so be ready to see some good ones soon!

For my recipe on making tostones please visit here

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  1. That looks great cause a plantain stuffed with anything looks great, but how about a tostonera aka plantain smasher that allows you to make three cups or tostones (chips aka tostones aka patacones) at once. Check out Tostobueno.com or PLANTAINMASHER on youtube. I'm Annette one of the owners of Tostobueno® 917/689-8459.