Grandma's 81st Birthday

My Gram is always known for her delicious cakes. She makes a cake for EVERYONE's birthday - we get to pick the flavors of the cake, and the flavor of icing. Since it was my Gram's birthday now - I got chosen to bake the cake. Now keep in mind, this was my first time baking a CAKE ever! I can tell ya that making cupcakes is a lot easier - lol. We had a really fun time making the cake, it was pretty interesting to see us flipping and flopping the layers on top of each other. All in all - I think it came out good. Everyone said that it tasted just like my Gram's (and some said my icing was better!!). I will definitely admit that the cake looked a lot better before I wrote on it :( writing wasn't the easiest part whatsoever! Came out a little crooked and uneven but hey, it was a good try - right!?

I also made some heart shaped sugar cookies, and 1 shamrock cookie because my Irish Gram loves shamrocks!

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