Mystical Garden Dinner

I hosted a mystical garden theme dinner a few weeks ago. It was my first ever sit down dinner, serving a four course meal to my close friends. We are all essential workers, and haven't missed a beat thru the pandemic, so this was to celebrate all of our hard work. In NY, we were allowed gatherings up to 25 people but to be extra cautious, I hosted the dinner outside, and used my extensions in the table to give us as much room as possible. 

Every detail of the party was planned in advance. From the table scape, to the physical menus, to the food. I had taken off from work for the first time in a long time, just to prep and cook all day! It felt like heaven, as this is my true passion. I chose menu items that were able to be made in advance, and heated up before serving. With the use of lists to check off as I go, the dinner went flawlessly. So flawless that as soon as we went inside the house, after my girlfriends helped bring in the table decor, it started POURING rain! Timing was definitely in our favor!

Enjoy the pics below:

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