Dinner and a Flight

Long Island Expressway, Long Island NY

I've taken this exact flight more than a few times in my life. My uncle Ed is an extremely talented pilot and we fly often after work or on the weekends. Uncle Ed always refers to me as a "natural" which is a great confidence booster! I am hoping that one day, just maybe, I can get my very own pilots license.

121 Restaurant at Oxford Airport in Oxford, CT

We flew from MacArthur airport in Islip, NY (KISP) to Waterbury-Oxford Airport in Oxford, CT (KOXC). It is about a 22 minute flight that travels over the northern edge of Long Island, continuing over the Long Island sound, and flying north through Connecticut until you reach Oxford. The airport in Oxford is small, and has this delicious restaurant that sits parallel with the runway. The restaurant is called 121 Restaurant and I highly recommend a visit if you are ever in the state of CT.

A beautiful view from above, Waterbury CT

Once we arrived to 121, it is always known that I treat uncle Ed to dinner as a "thank you." I love the fact that he always orders the same thing - never a filet mignon or something else that would break my already broken wallet! lol The burger... he loves this darn burger. It is so big, juicy and filling. Their steak fries are very crisp on the outside, but very lush and potatoey on the interior.

As for me, I tried something new this time...
The grilled salmon, please! It came with buttery fingerling potatoes, cherry tomatoes, and green beans in a whole grain mustard sauce. The salmon had a firm grilled crust with a fork tender inside. Next, I ordered a side of the truffle risotto. If you know me, I've made it more than clear that whenever risotto is on the menu, it is mine! This risotto was off the charts GOOD! I can't wait to attempt my own version at home with the pecorino al tartufo cheese that we love so much.

On the flight home, my uncle let me take control of the plane. I am rarely nervous but since our flight on the way to CT was a bit bumpy, I wasn't sure how it'd be. Luckily the turbulence died down a bit and I didn't have any issues with flying. Once we started arriving towards the airport back home, I started to descend the plane and line up for the approaching runway. Right before landing, my uncle always takes over and lands the plane. I can't imagine the feeling one day to land it myself! Enjoy the pictures from our flight below, some with labels so you can know what you're looking at!

 A jet landing in front of us at MacArthur airport

 A view of Bridgeport CT with cloud shadow

 My uncle Ed doing a preflight check

 Approaching KOXC Oxford Airport, CT

 This is my uncle's piper archer II

 MacArthur airport in Islip, NY

 Port Jefferson, NY - many people take the ferry from this location - it is a beautiful town

Lake Ronkonkoma, Long Island NY - this lake has a myth (or maybe some truth?) that one person a year dies in the never ending bottom! I heard they're making a movie about it soon.

 Bridgeport CT area - I love the way this looks!

 About to touch ground at Oxford Airport, CT

 Taking off from MacArthur Airport, Islip NY

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