Francois Payard - French pastry Chef

What goes around, comes around.

Recently, I posted a review and a giveaway for Mrs. Renfro's Gourmet Salsas. I will only review and write about products that I truly like, and that I can give honest opinions about.
I was lucky enough to be the winner of someone else's giveaway, Chef Francois Payard. Lucky doesn't do justice in describing how I feel about winning this one. I've always had some type of luck on my side.. so when I do win things, I am not always shocked. This to me, was indeed shocking! I wasn't asked to review any of the following items, but I feel compelled to tell you about them.

I live close to NYC and although I have heard of Chef Payard, I've never been able to visit any of his shops or taste any of his delightful treats.. until now of course! I received a package from Felipe and Francois this afternoon at my office. To my surprise, there were quite a bit of treats in the box!

Chocolate covered almonds!

I guess they didn't realize that my wedding is less than two weeks away and these kind of treats are the last thing I should really be eating! ;)

When opening the package, we all said how beautiful the boxes looked. Yellow, sleek and smooth which really gives a ritzy feel to it. I read the first treat, Almond Givrettes - caramelized almonds dipped in dark chocolate and coated with confections sugar. Mouths started watering.

Next were the chocolates that were so gorgeously decorated. Each piece looking like artwork. Lastly, Chef Payard's macarons. I have been looking forward to the macarons most after seeing all the wonderful feedback from Francois' customers online. 

I will share some things that were said by my lovely coworkers after tasting these treats:
"This is the most decadent macaron I have ever tasted." - Annmarie K. (she had the dark chocolate macaron)
"The pistachio macaron is to DIE for, you must try one." - Uncle Ed
"OMG" - Patty C.
"WOW.. how have I never eaten [macarons] before today?" - Kevin, my fiance (trying his first macaron ever)
and last but not least,
"These are outsmazing!!" - ME, who also had my first macaron today. And yes, outsmazing is outstanding and amazing put together and is said often between Kevin and I when we love something!

The feedback from my coworkers was truly special, as I have never heard so many people rave about one product like that. My uncle Ed, who is probably the most picky person that I know when it comes to food, was really floored by the bursting flavors in the chocolates and macarons. Out of everything, the salted caramel chocolates were my favorite, as were the raspberry macarons. Kevin's favorites were the coffee macaron, and the arabica coffee chocolate - of course, anything coffee flavored!

Feeling very grateful and hope to visit Francois Payard Bakery soon! Thanks Chef!

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