Top Sirloin Steaks with Béarnaise Sauce

Brrrrrrr! Long Island, NY had a freeze over today. The morning started out beautiful with snow falling. It was a slippery ride to work. Throughout the day, the snow turned to rain causing lots of slush.. That slush quickly turned to ice and the expressway became a black sheet of ice on every overpass. While driving with my dad (he was driving), he lost control of our SUV due to the ice. While trying to gain control, we slammed into the woman next to us. On the side of the road was already 8 cars in accidents, cops already on the scene. While I tried to open the passenger side door to get out, another car came swerving off the road hitting yet another car! The passenger side of our truck won't open.

Most of us were alright - but one guy was not as lucky. The first woman to get in the accident ending up hitting the guard rail - twice, and then spinning to a stop. She told us that no one stopped to help for a while until a man was kind enough to help. While this man was helping the woman, another car came slamming their way, which in end broke his arm. It was a very scary and crazy experience.. but we filled out the necessary paperwork and went on our way. The roads in most towns closed after that and the news is urging no one to leave unless it is an emergency. Yikes!

Kevin and I bought a big order from Omaha Steaks - they had a great deal on Groupon! So tonight, I followed thru with our plan to make the sirloin steaks they had sent. It is pretty awesome to walk away from a 9 car accident and come home to make my man a meal! I made top sirloin steaks drizzled with béarnaise sauce - curly fries and broccoli on the side. I won't mention the cupcakes I attempted to make for Kevin's holiday party tomorrow (they all flopped after I took them out of the oven). Into the garbage they went!

I don't have an actual recipe for this one -
I seasoned the steaks with salt, pepper and spicy Montreal steak seasoning. They were cooked for 5 and a half minutes on each side in my cast iron grill pan (preheat it before cooking on it). The béarnaise sauce can either be homemade from this recipe or made from a packet (knorr, mccormick, etc). The curly fries were deep fried in our Oster deep fryer, and the broccoli steamed until soft. It was a nice looking meal with great flavors. I highly recommend ordering from Omaha Steaks - have had only great experiences!


In order to achieve perfect grill marks, I use a cast iron grill pan. Make sure it is nice and hot.. Steak should sizzle when placed on pan. For medium steak, I usually grill for about 5-6 minutes on each side. The last minute of each side, turn the steaks 45 degrees (this creates the diamond grill mark) - or 90 degrees for a more square shape grill mark. For the full affect, I purchased the Lodge Grill press shown below. It works so excellent!

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  1. I love a good bernaise sauce. Peter @Feed Your Soul Too