Sweet Potato Fries vs. Regular

I forget who I was out with, but they mentioned to me that sweet potato fries weren't a healthier choice compared to regular fries (which are of course, not the healthiest choice to begin with). So, I decided to do some research of my own to see why this is. I found this article: (click the link to read more facts)

Sweet potato fries are often offered as a healthy alternative to French fries, but simply being cut from sweet potatoes does not automatically mean they're a healthier choice. French fries are an unhealthy choice because they're fried in hydrogenated oils. Unless otherwise specified, most restaurants will use the exact same oil for frying their sweet potato fries, making them just as fatty and unhealthy as an order of more common spuds. Similarly, sweet potato fries that are doused in oil and salt, then served with mayo or other sauces are an unhealthy alternative to a baked potato or side salad.

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