Yoshida marinated Chicken Cutlets on the BBQ

My FIRST time BBQing! I cooked for a friend the other night and had to BBQ the first time. Although I needed help starting the BBQ (lol!) I managed to do pretty well. The chicken stuck a little bit but was I able to work with it. (Yes, I sprayed the grill before using it!)
We used Yoshida marinate (which is great on burgers as well) for the chicken cutlets. After letting them marinate a bit, just throw them on the grill for about 3-4 minutes on each side. We use thin chicken cutlets so they cook fast - gotta watch them close!
As a side, I made some veggies - and fried bananas (also known as platanos). Being of Puerto Rican descent, fried bananas are a big part of my life. These are those green plantines that you see in the grocery store. Once ripe, you just cut them up and fry them in oil. They sell a wooden device in spanish stores that you use to "squish" the bananas once they are frying. I will get into that another post lol.

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